The expectation of life is not to just get by, but to take ownership of your existence…

-Chris Lengle



I am on the path to see all that life has to offer, while inspiring, entertaining, and making peoples lives a little better. Art is not just something you paint or draw; it is giving the world your best in whatever form you choose. This is dedicated to the art of achievement and to those giving the world their gifts. Showcasing revolution in the form of art, music, health, sports, and success.

We are at our very best, and we are happiest, when we are fully engaged in work we enjoy on the journey toward the goal we’ve established for ourselves. It gives meaning to our time off and comfort to our sleep. It makes everything else in life so wonderful, so worthwhile.

-Earl Nightingale


Please feel free to contact me with any questions, concerns, compliments, or missives; I love hearing from everyone!

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