First Step to Your Dreams

I find the lack of dreams to be one of the most obvious and sometimes overlooked pieces of the success puzzle. In my experience building business and teams all over the world, one of the things I have run into many times is people don’t have any passion or goals in their lives.

What is the first step to attaining your dreams? You have to have dreams! I have been network marketing for over five years and am so surprised when I find someone without any goals or real passion in their lives.

For example, I would do a call for a very excited new team member with one of their best friends; they were so excited for the call and set it up perfectly. I get on the phone and the first thing I ask them is “So, what are your passions and hobbies?” I am instantly deflated when they say “uhh, I like to watch TV and play video games.” I then ask (being the eternal optimist) “what would you do if you had all the time and money in the world?” They would say something like “stay home and watch TV”. It was then I realized that this person will never make it anywhere in life without passion or goals. That is why the first step is FIND SOMETHING TO STRIVE FOR AND BE PASSIONATE ABOUT.


The first step to success is to find that deep burning desire for what you want. Any person who finds a deep burning desire and works hard towards that dream will ultimately succeed. For some it takes a little soul searching to figure out what it is you want. Sometimes that vision changes over time. You just have to start somewhere, dreaming and believing in yourself. Like the incredible and famous personal development book Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill says:


Ways to find and achieve your dreams:

  1. Get a journal and write things down that you like and things you might like to try or learn. Dare to dream like you are a little kid again. The sky is the limit.
  2. Narrow your ideas down to what excites you most and put it up where you can read it every day.
  3. Find someone who has accomplished that dream and copy them.
  4. Read books and education on your dreams.
  5. Take action towards that dream immediately and NEVER GIVE UP!

When you can explore and find something that gets you excited to get up in the morning, makes you feel alive, and can bring enjoyment into your life, you are living your destiny. There is nothing harder than seeing someone work like a zombie, never finding any true satisfaction in life. Passionate people make the world a better place. I believe that if everyone had just one small goal or dream they were working towards every day the world would be a more positive and giving place.

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