Building Your Network Marketing Business

When I began in the network marketing industry I had no idea what I was doing. I started looking for the “secret sauce” on why others were successful and I was not. After about two years of learning everything I could possibly know about this industry, I realized success comes down to a few simple actions practiced consistently over time. That’s it! Just a couple of things done well was the difference between making money and being frustrated.

The key to success in anything comes down to a few fundamental action steps. Break down anything in the world and there are 3-6 important steps that make everything else possible. There are always other things to do, but this post is about the five necessities. If you just do these five things you will be successful in your business.

  1. Use the products: It amazes me the people who think they can get involved and be successful without ordering product from their company. Being a product of the product is the essence of network marketing. If you can’t stand behind your products then you are lying to yourself and others; it does not feel good and you will not be successful. Every top professional I know uses the products they share. It makes the story better, because you can develop your own testimonial.If there is a product you don’t like then find something you do or find a new company. It is ok not to be passionate about every product, but you must find something to be passionate about. Being passionate about and using the products is the number one key to success.I always order as much product as I can. The more product I have the more I can use and share with others. Remember, you are starting a business and you need inventory. When you use the products to build your business then that is considered a business expense and tax write-off. This is important: if products aren’t being bought and sold then you aren’t in business!
  1. Find Customers and Distributors: Jordan Adler in his great book, Beach Money, talked about what the most successful guys in his company taught him: “find some customers and find some distributors and help them do the same.” This is the art of building a business and making money in network marketing.How do you do that? You share your products, stories, and testimonials with others. You become good at following up and you then let them decide to be a customer or a distributor. There are many different art forms to gathering customers and distributors. I am not going to go into them all here, that is for another blog post. The basic idea is to share what you have passionately and you will find people who will want to join you. The key is to never stop searching and sharing!
  1. Attend Events: This was pivotal for my success. I attended our weekly Wednesday night meeting every week because it was what my sponsor taught me; that was what we were told we had to do to be successful. At first the ladies and gentlemen in front of the room seemed so amazing. They were experts, they knew so much about the company and products. I dreamed of speaking in front of the room like them one day. The more I showed up the more I heard the story over and over again. Eventually I could recite the story, products, and testimonials in my sleep. It is like listening to music; you learn it by repetition. Pretty soon I was saying “let me get up there I can do a better job!”That was the key to my success. I showed up long enough for it to make sense and to realize I could do it too. Events are key to this business. Go to as many as you can. Go with the goal to always learn something or to meet someone new. Remember, sometimes you need the meeting and sometimes the meeting needs you.Big events are MANDATORY if you want big success. Not everyone at the big event is making money, but anyone making money is at the big event. Bring as many guests as you can and let the events do the work. Your team will do what you do. If you don’t show up then don’t expect your team to show up, and don’t expect your team to get very big for that matter. For me the best part about events, whether they are weekly, monthly or annually, is that I get to see all my favorite people at that time. My teammates are like family and I get to see them at my meetings. So, show up and not only will your business grow, but your personal enjoyment will grow too.
  1. Teach: I can almost guarantee that if you commit to doing these first three fundamentals consistently you will eventually make money in your company. The key is to never quit. If you want to make big money that shows up regardless if you are working or not then get good at teaching others to do the same. Teaching is an art and one of the greatest parts about this business. The only way to success is by helping others to be successful.  So enjoy that journey of helping others discover the way to their dreams. Their biggest concern is “can I do this?” Show them how simple it can be. Make sure to be there for them when they need to you. You will be astounded by the loyalty you can create if you are there for someone when they need you.
  1. Personal Development: This is the nutrition for the brain and the soul that will take you to the next level. All great leaders are readers. Learn to love to read and to listen to personal development. There are hundreds of amazing books out there for you to learn from and get motivation from. The successful people of the world have put their stories in books and it is there for the taking. Get it! Turn your car into a mobile classroom; download audio books and listen to them to and from work, or school, or wherever. In a few years that spare time in your car can make you an expert in whatever category you choose. Choose to become an expert in network marketing. If you want to become a big leader in this industry begin to love your own personal development. We are not looking to change you, we are looking to help create the best “YOU” possible. The world needs you!

These are the five fundamentals of network marketing. There are plenty of other things to learn and you will get to them as you go on this amazing journey. Don’t overcomplicate it. The formula is simple and the simpler you can make it the better. I look forward to seeing you at the top.



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