Business is a Jar of M&M’s

In networking, sales, and marketing we are all searching for the right kind of people.

A fun and delicious way to categorize them is by color of M&Ms. Pretend your world is a huge jar and the people in this world are M&M candies. Every time you make a call, present your product, or talk to someone about your opportunity you are reaching into that jar and pulling out an M&M. Each color represents the type of person you will deal with in business.

When you start out in business it can be scary. You have to put yourself out there and that gives people the opportunity to tell you “no” or worse. The only way to succeed is through action. You want to reach out there and start filtering your contacts and network. Your goal is not to guess what color people are, but rather present your product or opportunity and let the person show you.

Green M&Ms are what you are looking for. Green M&Ms are the people who are ready and excited for what you have to offer. They catch on quickly and respond well to you and your company. Some people in business find Green M&Ms right away. If this is you then bravo! I was not one of those people. Unfortunately, Green M&Ms are the smallest number of M&Ms you will find out there. If you do not find one right away, just keep digging.

Yellow M&Ms are ones that are interested, but need more information. Many times it is the factor of “timing” in the person’s life. Yellow M&Ms are not bad, but they require more work. These are ones that you want to keep in your pipeline and continue to get them information until they make a decision. Goal is to find out, “yes I am green” or “no I am red”.

Red M&Ms are the “No” group. You present your company, product, or opportunity and they are not interested. Unfortunately, many people experience Red M&Ms initially on their search and it scares them into quitting. These people reach out to their friends and family and they say “NO”. You get a few of these and you start to think the whole world is full of Red M&Ms. Remember, there are Green M&Ms out there, keep searching. It is important to know where they stand, and a Red might turn into a Green later on.

Brown M&Ms are the color of poop which you can guess what kind of people these M&Ms are. There are only a few of them out there, but they are brown and want to poop all over your dreams. They say things like “you are an idiot; I had a friend who was a Green M&M and he got eaten alive out there.” Do not let them get you down. They only enjoy life only when they can take the color out of you. Ignore them and keep working towards those Greens!

Networking and the sales can be scary. Remember, the goal is to present your information the best you can and let them decide if it is right for them. There will always be new ways to improve. The goal is to keep getting better everyday. If you keep searching, I promise, you will find the Green M&Ms and your business will grow.


Stay Green!


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