Dream Boarding Made Easy

A dream board is a visual representation of all the things you want in life. It is pictures, quotes, and words that inspire you; it gives your brain the added boost of belief by seeing what you want every day. Vision is so important whether you have big dreams or little ones. I was told to do this years ago by a mentor, but I always thought I did not have the time nor access to materials to do it. I discovered that with technology it is very cheap and easy to do. In this article I will show you how to make a great dream board for less than $10 and have a good time doing it.


Five Steps To Your New Dream Board

Step 1. Write out your dreams. It can be rare these days for people to even allow themselves to dream. Think of what you want to accomplish and what it would be like to have the things you want. Think of the trips you want to take, house you want to have, cars you want to drive, and family you want to spoil. Dare to dream!

Step 2. Use the power of Google and Microsoft: Get on a computer and search Google images for the things you wrote down. There are a ton of photos online of anything you can imagine. Find some great looking pictures and save the ones you like. Paste the pictures into Microsoft word where you can stack them up together and adjust them. This is how you will email them to yourself to print. If you have a color printer great print them out, but if you do not I will show you how to get great color prints.

I love motivating quotes too. I suggest searching for some great quotes for your board. Find some that motivate you and pertain to your dreams. Save these in Microsoft as well. You can adjust the font and sizes to spice it up a little bit. It depends on the look you’re going for.

Step 3. Email and print: Email your documents to yourself. This will allow you to print them at the store. I use the UPS store because it is close to me. The prints cost between 5 cents and 30 cents depending on if you want black and white or color prints. I recommend doing color for the pictures to makes them more vibrant for your vision.

You can use the computer there and pull up your email, but sometimes they charge you to use the computer. Just ask the store employee for the store email and they will print them for you. Can forward the email from your phone. I think that way is simpler, but whatever floats your boat.

Step 4. Get the supplies: Head over to the office supply store or Wal-Mart and get yourself a poster board and a glue stick. Depending on how fancy you want to get it should not cost more than $5 for the board. Remember to size according to how many pictures you have and how big.

Step 5. Cut and Paste: Take your awesome looking dreams home and cut and shape them for your poster board. Paste your pictures and quotes onto the board however to make them look fancy.

Great job! Now put the dream board somewhere you can see it every day. This will trick your brain into believing and bringing those things to you. You have to first visualize what you want in order to get it. All-in-all it should take you about an hour of work and ten dollars in supplies. Not bad for something you can have forever. Wasn’t that fun?

This is a photo of my Dream Board. These are the images of things that I want and that inspire me. There is no right or wrong way to do it, because it is YOURS.


I would love to see your dream boards when you are finished. Please email them to me at hollywoodlengle@gmail.com. I want to be inspired by your work!


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