Presidential Election 2016—You can’t argue with this choice!

They say don’t ever talk politics or religion if we want to keep your friends. However, with the way the political atmosphere is shaping up I could not help myself in writing this article.

It is another election year, how four years flies by. Welcome to another round of debates, commercials, and political craziness. It is nearly impossible to ignore the political circus going on this election. The candidate’s campaigns so far have been a war of he saids, she saids and what nots.

I believe there is only one person capable of making a positive impact of change and that person is…


I am telling you to elect “YOURSELF” this fall to change your life for the better. You are the one who can tackle the biggest problems we are faced with today as Americans. I am going to show you how you can to fight terrorism, overhaul healthcare, and fix your economy. Imagine what the next four years will be like if you…

Begin fighting the terrorism of your MIND. I am talking about the constant barrage of negativity, stupidity, and mind numbing media coming at you throughout the day. You need to up your defenses and make some changes immediately.

  1. Turn off the news. Most of the important events you can get in 5 minutes a day. The rest is a display of political antics and negativity. Remember, most of it is for ratings and to earn money, not to give you the truth. Negativity and crap sells unfortunately.
  2. Stop talking to friends and family who are negative and cynical. Surround yourself with positive people. You are the 5 people you hang around with most. Hang out with the positive and motivating ones.
  3. Fill your mind with positivity. Read good books on personal development. Watch positive and fun movies and shows.
  4. Turn off the phone or tablet sometimes. Stop scrolling Facebook all day or playing games. Do things that make you feel good and put you into a positive state. Live your life, not other peoples.

Take control of your “universal healthcare”. You are in charge of your health. Prevention is the best medicine!

  1. Start eating healthy. It doesn’t have to be a huge leap, but small decisions every day. It is a work in progress. One of the easiest ways I found was to stop drinking soda. Drink water it is healthier and saves you money. Choose a fruit, vegetable, or salad as a snack or side to your meal. I didn’t say it was going to be easy, but it will be worth it.
  2. Exercise more. They say 30 minutes a day. Start planning for that 30 minutes. If you don’t have 30 minutes every day then do simple active things. Walk the stairs instead of taking the elevator or escalator, get out and take a walk, or get down and do some pushups. You can start as easy as that and can start today. You only get one body, and for better or worse it is yours. Begin to take care of it. Healthcare reform starts with us.

Overhaul your economy. Work toward financial fitness. The government sucks at a balanced budget, but that doesn’t mean you have to. We have a consumer debt that is in the trillions of dollars. Make your goals to balance your budget and get out of debt, work towards retirement, and become financially savvy. I promise you can do it. Take charge of your finances and you will be on the path to having a better life.

The goal is to take responsibility. It is the most empowering feeling in the world. You can vote for whoever you want in the election, but stop blaming the government for your plight and hoping they will somehow fix it. I am here to tell you they won’t. At least, not in the short term. Things will change when you begin to change. Jim Rohn perhaps said it best, “Your life doesn’t get better by chance, it gets better by change.”

Imagine where you would be in 4 years if you began to work towards these 3 simple actions; block out negativity, get healthy and become financially fit. We can’t control other people, but we can control our attitude and our actions. Take control of “The United States of YOU” and become your best self. The next 4 years can be the best years of your life.



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