Network Marketing: The Secret Sauce

Want more success in your business? Wondering how to make more money? Want your team to grow and progress to a level you have never dreamed of? The secret sauce to success is showing up! If you committed to only one thing for your business this next year make it ‘showing up’. It amazes me how simple a concept that is, and yet some have so much trouble doing it.

When I started working the business seriously six years ago I had no clue what to do. My sponsor told me “We show up to the meeting every week on Wednesday nights.” While I didn’t know what I was doing, that seemed simple enough for me. Just show up! I didn’t realized how much you could learn by just hearing information over and over again. It is like listening to music. Soon you can sing along.

After getting good at showing up weekly, my mentor told me, “Always go to the monthly events and company conventions”. I did not understand the significance then, but I thought if a millionaire told me to show up, then I better show up. He also told me, “Not everyone there is making money, but anyone making money is there.”

Events are where the magic happens. These bigger events are where you get to see and meet the movers and shakers. This is where the company launches new products and systems. The events are where the excitement happens. It fills up the cup some would say. Why do so many distributors miss them? They say they want to be a millionaire on that stage, but when the event comes something keeps them from it.

People crave connection. In the world today we are more connected and further apart than ever before. People want real friends, real relationships, and to feel like they are part of something. Events give us all of that. When you can see real people having real success it can be a light bulb moment. Belief is one of the most important qualities you need for success. These events will build belief in you and your business.

Eric Worre, who is a guru of network marketing education, states that for every person at your company convention that is $1,000 per year to your income. If you have 100 teammates at the event, then it will equate to $100,000 in commissions over the next year. Now this is not exact science, but accurate enough to represent how important these events are for you and your team.

Here are some simple keys to showing up:

First, make a commitment that you will show up to everything. It all starts with you taking responsibility. No excuses; where there is a will there is a way. Start planning for time off and saving up for the big yearly convention. Make the sacrifices now, so you can make those dreams come true. You will not achieve your dreams if you aren’t willing to sacrifice. Live now like others won’t, so you can live later like others don’t. Your team will do what you do, and you want them showing up.

Second, teach your team the importance of events and hold them to the same high standards. Teach them how to plan for the events. Teach them how to schedule the events in to their lives. Promote them consistently; remind your team. Soon it will become a habit for them, but until then guide them along. People are used to the employee mindset. Sometimes they need to be told what to do initially until they get the entrepreneur mindset locked in.

Third, when you are at an event, ‘be there’. I mean consciously be there. It is easy once you get into a routine to start to have less appreciation for the events. Many times you will hear the same stuff. Love it for what it is, and remember it is the first time for other people. They need to see your enthusiasm. Whether is an hour at the meeting, the couple of hours a month at the monthly training, or the multiple day event, pay attention. I promise there is always something new to learn. If you are not growing, you are dying.

I have never regretted going to an event. My regrets usually are that I did not have more people with me. Make the commitment to get to every event; to show up for yourself and your team. Make showing up a habit in your life and success will soon follow.



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