How to Succeed at Your Job and Get Everything You Want

Most people I know have a job, are searching for a job, or would like to keep the job they currently have. Jobs are important and most people need one to survive. As the job market gets tougher having a little edge on the competition is key.

I was never someone who liked working, but I knew it was essential to provide me with the most important tool in my life, money. Like you, I would rather be out living it up than at work, but if we have to work then lets at least make the best of it.

I have been a registered nurse for over ten years. I started my nursing career at the age of twenty. At my first job in the hospital, it was policy that nurses HAD to work shifts every other weekend. Not for me though. I was able to get weekends completely off to snowboard in the winter with my friends. How? Because my boss loved me!

I have worked through my career getting whatever schedule I want, moving up the ladder to supervisor positions, and having a good time because of these simple tactics I will share with you. I have watched people in my profession and other professions completely destroy themselves from getting perks, advancement, and the chance at a great career. They just don’t get it! I am going to help you pass the competition and make work a better place.


These are five tactics I used to propel myself to a successful career:

  1. Show Up!
    This is pretty self explanatory, but if you want to be liked by your boss, co-workers, and the company then you have to be there. This means you show up to work when you are supposed to and on time. If you are known as someone who will always be there, then it automatically makes you more likeable. Ever work with someone who calls off work a lot, doesn’t show up, or is late all the time? How long do they remain in good standing? Let your job know they can count on you, and they will love you for it!
  2. Do Your Job!
    Crazy right? Hard to imagine, but doing what is expected can be difficult for some people. You don’t have to go above and beyond all the time. Do what you are supposed to do everyday. If you are consistently getting your job done, your boss and coworkers will know they can count on you. This will lead to them liking you, and liking you means a better work environment for you.
  3. Don’t Complain!
    This can be down right impossible for some people. I know for many employees complaining is one of their favorite past times. It can be very difficult to get away from it. Negative people congregate together and it is easy to get caught up in it. If you are one of the positive ones then it automatically sets you apart. Now, don’t go telling these negative people to stop complaining, because they just might kill you. If you hear the negativity just choose not to participate.
  4. Don’t Talk Trash!
    Don’t ever talk bad about anyone at your company. First, it might get back to them and you have an enemy. This can be very bad if that enemy is your boss. Second, they will know you are trash talker and that automatically makes you not trustworthy. Be the bigger person. Do what the professional trash talkers do; they go home and talk smack about their job to their significant other or friends.
  5. Make The Best of It!
    The positive attitude will create a separation for you. You have to be there at work regardless; why would you want to spend such a large part of your life miserable? This means smile a little more, don’t take things so personally, work with others, and help out your boss when you can. It will set you apart from the rest and most everyone will like you. If this is impossible for you, then it probably means you need a job or career change. If people like when you are there, then it will help you get what you want.

These five tactics should help you be a more successful employee. Now I cannot help if your boss is a jerk or your job stinks. If that is the case then quit and do something else. It is never too late. If you are working currently or searching for a job then this should help you be a step above. It won’t take long to be noticed if you are performing at this higher level. Remember to work hard so you can play hard!



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