New Year, New You

The New Year is such a wonderful time. People are coming off the holidays and thinking of their New Years resolutions. Many people have the same resolutions they had last year. What happened?

Are you ready to actually achieve those new years resolutions? Are you ready to make 2017 the best year ever?


Here are five simple steps to winning big in 2017:

Step 1: Write down your goal or “resolution” and place it where you can read it everyday. Ever hear ‘out of sight out of mind’? I suggest putting it up on the bathroom mirror. I also suggest putting it on the background of your phone, the cubicle at work, and every room of the house. At the very least, put it somewhere you can see it when you wake up and go to bed.

Step 2:  Make a plan. Write out the steps to reaching that goal. Most of us know what it would take. Break it down to simple things that are easy to do. If it will take a ton of work then you will not do it. Make a simple plan of three to five things to reach that goal.

Step 3: Take immediate action. Your brain loves to talk you out of things. It is easy to make the plan, but harder to follow through. Count to 5 and go! Do something that will move you forward right now. Is your goal to get in shape or out of debt? Get down and do some push ups, stretch, cut up a credit card, or put some items online to sell. There is tremendous power in taking action right away no matter how small and meaningless it might seem.

Step 4: Get some help! Find someone or a group of people to work with. Get an accountability partner, coach, or trainer. We all need someone who pushes us and makes us better. Most of the time we would quit on ourselves before we would quit on a friend. Find someone to share your goals with and make the dream come true together.

Step 5: Never give up! You only fail if you quit. Remember change doesn’t happen overnight. If you are taking the right action consistently, then you are on your way. Don’t get discouraged and don’t beat yourself up. If you get off track, then adjust and get back on. Keep your eye on the prize and keep pushing towards that goal! The world loves a person who never gives up!

Use these five simple steps to create the best year ever. Remember, you are in control of your life. This year can be radically different than last year. Go out there and make some big goals! The world needs people like you achieving their goals!


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