Remarkable Recruiting

The greatest skill you can have is the ability to communicate with people. It increases your influence, allows them to understand you, and makes it easier for you to get what you want. If you want to be a better recruiter, then you have to be a better communicator.

This is so very important in the network marketing industry. It is such a great profession, because anyone can take on the role of an entrepreneur and start to build their own home business. It is also one of the hardest things, because many average people have never had to be great communicators. Maybe they weren’t popular growing up or are a little quirky. I love to teach someone with very little social skills how to succeed. I believe anyone can do this business if they believe in themselves and do the work. The highest paid skill in network marketing is the ability to communicate with potential customers and teammates to show them why your company and products are amazing.

I have been noticing lately that people are smarter than they used to be. I am saying that in the context of sales and marketing. People are more keen on the old school sales tactics. They don’t want to be sold, but rather they want a great sales experience. They want you to be real, genuine, and interested in their needs. They cut right through the bull crap. What does this mean for you and your business?

The riskiest thing you can do now is be safe… average products for average people: that’s risky. The safe thing to do now is be at the fringes. Be remarkable.

-Seth Godin

When it comes to recruiting there are many different scripts and lines I have heard over the years. I studied from all of the best and their tactics are pretty awesome. Recently though, I believe some things have changed. Network marketing in it simplest definition is that we are sharing a product or service we love with others. Most of them are people we care about and think would benefit from it. So why are we using sales scripts?

Your friends are your friends. They know you and you know them. You don’t have to use some script from a book a guru taught you. After using these scripts I learned that being real is better. Your friends will know you are selling them something right away: “Hey do you keep your options open to making extra income outside what you are doing at your job?”.

If my friend called me and asked me that I would way “what are you talking about bro?”.

Be real, be authentic, and be remarkable.

I was recruited into the network marketing industry when my good friend called me up and said “Bro, I found a way to snowboard all the time”. He called out of the blue while I was walking into a twelve hour night shift at the hospital. I was nursing my third shift in a row and I was tired. When he said “I found a way to snowboard all the time”, my response was, “I am in, what is it?”

We talked for two minutes and I gave him my credit card over the phone to sign up right there. He didn’t use a script he talked to me like a friend and it was the right time for me. He was real, he was authentic, and he hooked me. Seven years later I am still involved and loving this industry. I am so glad he called and “bugged me” that evening.

The world has changed and so has the industry of network marketing. We need remarkable, passionate, and REAL people out there. They are the ones who will bring a great name to the industry and help many people along the way. Before that call to a friend think, “What do they love to do or would love to do if they had more money?” If you don’t know what drives them become great at asking questions. If you ask the right questions they will tell you what is missing in their life and you can see if your product or service will fill that void. So many people out there are praying for an opportunity to better their lives. They are praying for your product or business opportunity. Everyone in the world is looking for real, authentic, and remarkable in their lives. Will you be the one to give it to them?



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