Unlock Success

K.I.S.S. Keep It Simple Silly (or Sexy). The simpler something is the more likely someone will be able to do it. I love the process of simplifying things. There have been times in my life where I have spent more time looking for a short-cut than just doing the task the regular way. When it comes to Network Marketing, I love the process of making things simple so anyone can do it.

“Complexity is the enemy of Execution!”—Tony Robbins

I have spent the last seven years figuring out the industry of Network Marketing. I wanted to know everything about everything. Like most people starting out, I had no idea what I was doing. It seemed like there was so much to learn. After I learned everything about everything, I learned that you only have to do a few simple things well to succeed. I couldn’t believe it; I learned everything and now understand you don’t need to know it all. This is why you see people on stage and you say “how the heck is that guy making all that money?” You just have to be really good at a few things, and can make more money than you ever dreamed of.

The two biggest objections you will hear from people when you ask them to join your business is they don’t have enough time or money. They will tell you, “I don’t have the time to do this” or they will say “I don’t have the money to start this business”. What 98% of them are telling you is, “I don’t think I can do this.” If they knew without a shadow of a doubt they would succeed, then they would find the time and the money. Trust me, there are people with much less time and much less money starting in network marketing and succeeding. So how do we fix this?

I learned from some of the top money earners in the industry that you have to make it very simple for them. After seven years in the industry I learned that we really do three things. If you do these three things well you will succeed. Now there is always more to do, but this roadmap is the Three Keys that will open the door to your success.

1st KeyUse the Products: Become the best product user on your team. Learn about the products, use as many as you can, and create a story. This is a business about sharing. How do you expect a friend or prospect to want to use a product if you don’t use it yourself. Facts tell and stories sell! You don’t have to explain every detail of the product to people, let your company do that with their materials. You can share your story and how the product or service has improved your life. You should know what you are selling and have experience with it. The pros know their products.

2nd KeyTalk to People:  It is called “Network-Marketing”. This means that you network with people and market your product. Now there are many ways to talk to people and technology has made it even easier. I can talk to someone across the world at anytime of the day for FREE. Technology has made the world so small and we can take advantage of it. Talking to people and inviting them to check out your product can take some practice and there are definitely better ways to do it. Being a great product user makes this so much easier. When you are excited about your company or products, then it is easy to share with others. Become great at listening, asking good questions and sharing your story. The rest will fall into place.

3rd KeyShow Up!: I would attribute most of my success to showing up. My millionaire mentor told me to show up to everything. I thought “Well that is easy! So I just show up to a short call and meeting every week to be successful? I am there!” It still amazes me how difficult this is for some people. Always be on the calls, get to the meetings, and never miss a big company event.The events are what molds you into a champion. You need to be listening and learning from the professionals and you need it often. There will be times that business is hard and you need the support of your team. Every big money earner I have met is great at this. I know who the leaders are on my team, because they show up. Make sure to be on time and look and act professionally. It is your business take it and yourself seriously. The reality is you will show up 40 hours a week to a job you hate working for people you don’t like, but won’t show up 3-5 hours a week for you business that can literally set you free. Show up!

I make sure to let my prospects and future teammates know that these are the three simple things we do. Use your products, talk to people and show up. If you make it a goal to be excellent at those three keys, then you will eventually be excellent at everything else. See you at the top!



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