Tell Me Why… (No Not the BackStreet Boys)

What are your big goals? Your dreams? What would you do if you had all the time and money in the world? Where would you go? What would you buy?

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These are questions I ask people when they first start in business with me. I want to know what their dreams are. I want to know what gets them excited. We call this your ‘Why’. These are the reasons ‘why’ you wanted to change your life. These are the reasons that get you up in the morning and go to work on your business. You need to write it out and put it where you can read it everyday.

When I was first told to do this it sounded silly. I said, “I have all those things up in my brain, I don’t need to write them down.” What I was told was, it isn’t real until it is written down on paper. When you see them everyday it motivates you and plants those goals into your subconscious. Your goals become real when they are written down. Seemingly simple, but very powerful!

For me coming up with a ‘Why’ was easy. My friends and I used to play the lottery and talk about all the crazy stuff we would do with the money if we won. I have always been a dreamer so thinking about big houses, fancy cars, and traveling came easy to me. However, that isn’t always the case; I have found that dreaming can be difficult for some people. Maybe it is difficult for you? For some our dreams were beaten out of us a long time ago!

Do you know who the best dreamers are? Little kids. They all have excellent imaginations and dream of the great things they will do when they grow up. What did you want to do and be when you were little? Maybe be an astronaut, super hero, or professional sports star? Then what happens? Parents, teachers, and the real world beats all of us down. We stop dreaming and start listening to what we should do.

When you start to dream again, it is powerful. It can open you up to new ideas and opportunities. I always believed if one person could do something, I could too. Why can’t we have great things? We all deserve it! You can have everything you want in this world, but it first starts with a dream.

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When running your own business it all depends on you. There is no boss waving a stick at you to get working. It is very easy to spend your time doing unproductive things, and the only person who knows about it is you. That is where your ‘why’ comes in; your ‘Why’ is your motivation. When you get up and read it, that it is your motivation to get after the day. Keep writing it until it tugs at the heart strings and makes you feel a surge inside to take action. I have heard that you need a “Why that will make you cry!”.Now, I am not much for crying, but something powerful and motivating is essential!

If you have trouble thinking of something super powerful, just get started somewhere. Think about if money was no object where would you live, what would it look like, where would you go, what charities would you support, where would you travel, what car would you drive, who would you hang out with, what would you wear, what would you eat? These are just ideas to get you started, expand from there and create the future that you want to go after.

Make your ‘why’ as detailed as you can. You will begin attracting these things to you and you will want them to be exactly what you want. As you change and grow your ‘why’ may change. Not to worry, you can re-write this as many times as you like.

I personally want a mountain house to snowboard and a beach house to surf, a green Rolex and green Lamborghini, to travel and see the whole world, custom suits, expensive meals, investment properties, to make large charitable contributions, to create a legacy, to write a book, and much more. My dreams are more detailed and more elaborate than even this, but I wanted to give you an example. I believe that eventually I will achieve all of these things in my business. It probably won’t happen as fast as I would like, but with persistence nothing can stop me.

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Thinking of and writing your ‘why’ should be very fun to do. I hope my example and description has helped you. Dare to dream again. Write down you why, hang it up, and keep revising it until you feel incredible when you read it. Don’t stop working until you achieve everything you desire!


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