How to Create a Great Facebook Team Page

Having a team atmosphere within your network marketing business is vital to success. If a group of people come together with a common purpose nothing is impossible. A great way to bring your team together is a team Facebook page. It helps to communicate better overall and can create momentum when used properly.


What To Do

  • Make the Team page private: It is a privilege to be on the team page. This is an exclusive club of motivated people. People always want to feel VIP. To be added to the page you must be participating in the team and company in some way.
  • Don’t add someone unless they buy: Do not add anyone to the team page until they are participating in the business. Remember, this is an exclusive club. It is not a page to show someone your business. Someone only gets added once they become a customer or distributor.
  • Welcome new people: When someone joins your business add them to the page and welcome them. I like to do this with a nice professional picture of them (make sure to ask permission to use picture). I say something like “Please give a big welcome to_________, who just joined the team!” Then I compliment them. It makes them feel like they are part of the team right away.
  • Comment on every new person:Comment on those pictures welcoming the new people. It doesn’t matter if the person is on your team or not make sure to welcome everyone. If everyone participates it adds to the team atmosphere and the new person feels accepted.
  • Promote Events:The page is a fantastic area to announce and promote events. This is the place where you can promote team and company events. When you post an event tag people in the comments to make sure they get the notification. This is also a great place to share pictures from the events you go to. It will help to motivate others to go to the events.
  • Education and Motivation:The team page is a great place for educational and motivational materials. If you have something relevant for the team, then post it. If it helped you in some way make sure to share it.
  • Do not post about other businesses: This is not the place for your personal junk. It is also not the place to promote other business opportunities. It is the team page for your company so treat it that way. Make sure it is relevant to the business.

Creating a team Facebook page can generate awesome momentum like you have never seen. When you begin to see new teammates being welcomed to the page everyday it creates excitement. People sense that things are taking off. They can feel like they are missing out or need to work harder.

Create a team Facebook page and see your business grow. See you at the top!


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