That Weird Thing I Do in the Shower

The title might give you the wrong idea, but it is not what it seems. I am talking about gratitude.

I have learned that being thankful for what you have is the secret to getting more of what you want. We all have blessings to be thankful for. I promise you, no matter how bad it seems there is something in your life to appreciate. Did the sun come up? Did you have a roof to sleep under? Did you have food to eat? These are luxuries that a large number of people around the world do not have. How can you get more, if you are so unhappy with what you already have?

Many books I have read about happiness and success talk about the use of gratitude. It is the secret sauce. Have you ever met anyone who has so much, and is still so unhappy? It always stuns me. I believe it is part of the problem of today’s society. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never have enough. It is ok to want more, but don’t take the other stuff for granted. Success without fulfillment is the ultimate failure.

I began the practice of saying ten things that I am thankful for everyday. I decided a great place to do this was in the shower. Generally I take one everyday, and it is easy be thankful for a ‘hot shower’. Have you ever taken a cold shower? That is something to be thankful for, right? I then think of things from that day that I am grateful for. They usually revolve around my family, health, job, business, mentors, girlfriend, dogs, hobbies etc. I could probably go on for a long time, because I have had a lot of blessings in my life. I find that saying these ten things make me feel better almost immediately.

You can then take it a step further. If you are in the process of chasing some goals, try this next step after giving thanks. Close your eyes and visualize getting those things you want most. I visualize them coming to me like I am a magnet. You can read from quantum physics and other literature that we are all made up of energy and matter. We can bring things into our life through the law of attraction. It sounds weird and like hocus pocus, but I really believe it works. It always makes me excited to go after my goals. One big shower magnet.

While this article might not have been what you were expecting, I hope you take it seriously. Give it a try and start saying ten things you are thankful for everyday. It doesn’t have to be in the shower; it can be when you wake up, before bed or anytime in between. The important thing is that you do it. I promise it will help you to be happier, more positive, and bring abundance into your life.



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